Sanjivani Kids - Masti Ki Pathshala is a school of learning through fun. Our tech based methodology gives integrated learning experience and experiments for kids. First 6 years of life are the foundation stage of a child. We promote stimulating environment which ensures happy and healthy growth of kids, under the guidance & care of well trained & dedicated teachers.

Our approach is to promote indian cultural values with global outlook, we pay emphasis on our cultural values and sanskars which are imbibed in our curriculum at every stage. At the same time we expose our kids to the modern method of learning by becoming first pre-school to introduce interactive wall learning.


Our programs are designed by industry experts with curriculum for comprehensive development of the kids.
Our well designed curriculum has a fusion of indian cultural values with global outlook & along with specially designed activities
it provides excellent opportunities for kids to discover and develop their unique potential & personality. Sanjivani Kids provides
the best pre-school learning experience for your kids at every stage & step.

  • Kids are motivated to play, explore & discover the world
  • Kids are engaged socially by our smart initiatives
  • Kids are encouraged to grasp life skills through activities
  • Age specific playing kits are available for physical development of kids

Our programs are designed to help your child learn & enhance life skills needed to succeed in school & beyond. EuroKids Pre-School curriculum is full of fun activities. Musical experiences, storytelling, DIY kits and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play ensures your child gets the best pre-school experience possible.DIY kits and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play ensures your child gets the best pre-school experience possible.DIY kits and a healthy mix of indoor & outdoor play ensures your child gets the best pre-school experience possible.

Our smart initiatives provide kids varied dimensions and diverse learning patterns; be it visual, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal or intra-personal which includes the help of colourful activity rooms, non-toxic and age specific playing as well as learning euipments, music, dance and drama activities. Our tech based methodology provides matchless platform for the comprehensive development of the kids.

Monty - our mascot and the best friend of kids during their years at Sanjivani Kids symbolizes with the homely & comfortable environment we provide to the kids. Providing care and comfort to kids is our priority which is represented by the use of age specific furniture, toys & learning equipments. Monty's World means clean & germ free school premises as we are committed towards wholesome well-being of the kids. Our smart initiatives are focused on the intellectual development of the kids.

Sanjivani Kids is an education initiative of Sanjivani Group established in the year 2012 with commitment to provide quality education to kids. We provide the best pre-school learning experience in India and by our matchless curriculum and initiatives we strive to become the global pioneer in pre school learning. Sanjivani Kids is dedicated to create a positive transformation in kids & to enable them to reach their potential for the benefit of society at large. Since inception we have created cutting edge curriculum & learning and development methodologies to achieve our global vision.

Be A Smart Entrepreneur. Start smart with Sanjivani Kids franchise and be the owner of your own school without even having any prior experience & expertise in pre-school education as Sanjivani Kids is available 24x7 to help you out in all the nuances of running your own pre-school. Our experienced management team will guide you to run your pre-school professionally and our no royalty model will provide you an unparalleled opportunity to reap greater returns on the investment made with us.

  • No Royalty Franchise Model
  • Special Offers For Existing Schools
  • Franchise Models Starting From Only Rs. 3 Lacs
  • Best Pre-School Curriculum Designed By Experts
  • No Additional Cost For Playing & Educational Equipments
  • Standard School Ambience
  • Setup, Marketing & Operational Support
  • Centralized Teachers Training & Hiring

Your child is in caring hands at Sanjivani Kids Day Care Facility. Our mission behind establishing the Day Care facility is to promote the integral development of toddlers, to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in life & to provide a nurturing environment that offers unique life enriching experience. The infra, facilities, staff & activities are all as per our mission.

As Per Guidelines of ECCE

Exceptional Childcare

Greater Care & Attention

Matchless Infrastructure